Fish Label Order Form for Printing

This form is intended for printing and posting your order.

Please enclose payment along with this form

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Please can I order the following labels customised with my logo (Tick required boxes) :

Starter Pack $64.99 p Tropical 1 $64.99 p Tropical 2 $64.99 p Corydoras 1 $32.99 p
Cichlids 1 $32.99 p Marine 1 $32.99 p Marine 2 $32.99 p Plecs 1 $32.99 p
Coldwater 1 $32.99 p  

Please select prefered logo/typeface options for tickets

p Option 1: I am enclosing my own company logo. (Must be unfolded and on a plain white background)
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If you have ticked option 2 above, please tick ONE typeface & colour required for company logo

Algerian p Arial p Arriba p Benguiat Frisky p
Bertram p Challenge Extra Bold p Eclipse p Frankfurter Hig D p
Gill Sans Shad p Kidprint p Shelley Allegro p Times New Roman p
Black p Red p Blue p Green p Purple p Teal p Yellow p Maroon p

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Please make cheques payable to 'Aquascape Fish Imports'. Please send cash recorded delivery

Cheque p Cash p
Postal Order p Credit Cards not accepted
Postage and packing. Worldwide excluding Uunited Kingdom. $15.00. Bank Surcharge on US$ currency $10.00
Total amount sent US$_______._____

Please allow 28 days for delivery. All order are subject to our terms and conditions of trading

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