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Alternatively please go to our printable sterling order form. Print the form out., fill in and post along with your payment to the address below and on the bottom of the order form.

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Please can I order the following labels customised with my logo:

Starter Pack 39.99 Tropical 1 39.99 Tropical 2 39.99 Corydoras 1 19.99
Cichlids 1 19.99 Marine 1 19.99 Marine 2 19.99 Plecs 1 19.99
Coldwater 1 19.99 Available soon: Aquarium Plants 1, Marine 3, Plecs 2

PLEASE NOTE: All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Please select prefered logo/typeface options for tickets

Option 1: I am enclosing my own company logo. (Must be unfolded and on a plain white background)
Option 2: I wish to use a chosen typeface. (Select from below)

Please choose ONE typeface & colour required for company logo if you have ticked option 2 above.

Algerian Arial Arriba Benguiat Frisky
Bertram Challenge Extra Bold Eclipse Frankfurter
Gill Sans Shad Kidprint Shelley Allegro Times New Roman
Black Red Blue Green Purple Teal Yellow Maroon

Payment Details.

I wish to pay by:

Cheque (Made payable to 'Aquascape Fish Imports') Cash (Please send registered post)
Postal Order Credit Cards not accepted
Postage and packing. FREE OF CHARGE (UK mainland only). Overseas 8.00
Total amount sent (Please add VAT @ 20% to all prices):

Please allow 28 days for delivery. All order are subject to our terms and conditions of trading as stated below.

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